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Parrot Perch Shower

Parrot Perch Shower

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Parrot Perch Shower Pet Bird Automatic Bath Cage Parrot Bath Basin Parrot Shower Bowl Birds Accessories Parrot Toy Bird Bathtub


Bullet Points:

1、【High-quality Material】The parrot feeding box is made of high-quality PP, which is durable, not easy to damage, safe for pets, and can be used for a long time
2、【Protect Bird】Bird shower fountains promote healthy bathing habits in birds, not only to clean feather dust and remove parasites, but also to help cool birds and moisturize skin
3、【Bright Color】The parrot feeder is designed with bright colors, it is easier to attract the attention of the birds and help the birds shower, let the bird fall in love with bathing
4、【Easy to Clean】The bird parrot feeder is easy to clean. After use, it can be easily rinsed with water or wiped clean. It is easy to clean and can be fed with confidence.
5、【Wide Application】This bird feeder is the best gift for parrots, parakeets, cockatoos, birds, finches, parakeets, and other small birds, with a wide range of applications
1. The bird bath is durable, safe and environmentally friendly, which can ensure your pets to use it safely

2. The automatic water bird bathtub is odorless, light and strong, and can be used with toys

3. It can not only clean feather dust and remove parasites, but also help birds dissipate heat and moisturize skin

4. Novel design, bite-resistant, very easy to install and clean
Name: Bird Bathtub Parrot Bath Fountain
Material: PP
Size: 26.5*13.5*11cm
1 x Bird Bathtub Parrot Bath Fountain



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