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Hiking Drinking Water Filtering Survival Tools

Hiking Drinking Water Filtering Survival Tools

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Camping Filter Straw Water Purifier Filtration System Portable Filter Outdoor Wild Life Emergency Hiking Drinking Water Filtering Survival Tools
Wild drinking straws can effectively remove particles, impurities, organic pollutants and other harmful substances in the water, making the water cleaner and drinking better;
High-tech bactericidal medium - high iodine resin can instantly kill all kinds of germs, viruses and germs, viruses, harmful spores, algae spores, and susceptible populations that are harmful to human health in water within 0.5 seconds Allergic mites, red worms and other harmful microorganisms have a sterilization rate of 99.99%, which helps to solve various drinking water safety problems caused by unsanitary drinking water. The instant the iodine resin is in contact, it is attacked, metamorphic and solidified, and the enzymatic system of the  is completely destroyed, resulting in the death of microorganisms such as germs.
When you cannot find a clean and hygienic water source in the wilderness, the wild drinking straw is your reliable wild drinking water survival tool.

Product material: ABS+PP
Filterable water: 800L
Water purifier size: 180mm*23mm
Color: Army Green, Army Green Camouflage

Due to the different monitor and light effect, the actual color of the item might be slightly different from the color showed on the pictures. Thank you!
Please allow 1-2cm measuring deviation due to manual measurement. 



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