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Dog Treat Dispensing Ball with Giggling Sound Fun Interactive Toy

Dog Treat Dispensing Ball with Giggling Sound Fun Interactive Toy

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[Fun Giggle Sound] This dog treat dispensing ball is equipped with a built-in sound device that can make giggle sound while rolling and shaking the treat ball. It is funny to dogs that will attract dogs' interests and curiosity.

[Adjustable Speed] This interactive treat ball features a built-in leakage speed regulator. It can be adjusted to one or two leakage holes that control the speed of leaking dog treats. And the leakage holes can also be closed turning the interactive treat ball into a regular ball toy.

[Company with Pet] This interactive dog toy combined with fun vocalization, puzzle and food leakage function in one. It is an excellent companionship for pets when owner go to work. Reduce dog's anxiety and boredom when staying alone. Also, when pets play with this interactive dog toy, it will stimulate pet's brain development. Dogs will think, learn how to get the food rewards during play and feel happy to get the snack rewards.

[Dog Training Toy] This interactive dog toy is available to put dog treats and food inside the ball. Pet can try to get treat snack out during playing the treat ball. Train and improve the intelligence of dog and meet dog's curiosity. This interactive dog toy features transparent food bin cover that is easy to see the dog treat inside and refill in time.

[Safety High-quality Material] This dog treat dispensing ball is made of high-quality ABS material, which is eco-friendly, safe and strong for pet to play with. Also, the interactive dog toy is sturdy and wear resist which is durable for long time playing.

Will you worry about pets at home feeling boring while the owner is out for work? This interactive treat ball is suitable for pets to play with. Fun with giggle sound and food leaking function. Pet will not feel boring anymore.

Key Feature
Eat Slowly: With this interactive treat ball, it will foster pets slow eating behavior. Get food from this interactive treat ball and eat it slowly.

Fun Interactive Toy: Owners can play the interactive treat ball with cat, dog, rabbit or other pets. Double fun to play with the pets and get closer relationship.
Type: Dogs


Toys Type: Balls

Set Type: no

Material: Plastic

Is Smart Device: no


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